• Top Pick Ideas To Make Your Small Room Big!

    A small place can mean that you save a lot of time and money on cleaning and other expenses

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Small Place

Small is everything but convenient:

A small place can mean that you save a lot of time and money on cleaning and other expenses. It can also mean that you need to spend lesser on trying to decorate the place but if there is any pet peeve at all that most small room owners have then it is that of a cluttered look or feel.

If you are one of those who prides themselves on your choice of small habitat but often find yourself cursing on how haphazard the place looks sometimes and how once in a while you feel a bigger place may look so fresh and inviting, take heart here. Below, we are going to present you a score of ideas on how to make your small place look bigger. No, nothing fancy or too expensive at all that you need to go shopping for. Just use a lot of fresh ideas and the right attitude and you are good to go!

  1. Paint your ceiling or use an attractive wallpaper:


By giving a shade darker to the ceiling, you can attract a lot of attention upwards. This hack makes the room look bigger and spacious. Alternatively, one could even try an attractive design of wallpaper like a blue sky with fluffy clouds. This will keep the ceiling an infinite look and increase the height of the room drastically,


  1. The walls and the floors, however, need to be light-colored:


Light colors on the walls and the flooring will reflect more light than absorbing it and this can make the room look airy and spacious. You will need to choose the right color of light colors so that you do not clash your furniture color with it. Imagine a holistic color that will gel with your existing furniture.


  1. Maintain a few inches of space between your furniture and the wall:


Do not push the furniture to the periphery; instead, maintain a little over at least three inches spaces to prop them. This will make the room not only bigger but spacious as well. This also has an added benefit of being easy to clean because the vacuum tubes can reach behind the furniture and keep the dust mites at bay!


  1. Inbuilt storage is compulsory!


One hack to make your home look big is to try and fit a hidden storage in most of your furniture. This will make sure that there is no clutter lying about and that everything has a place to go into. So, storage fitted furniture is a thumbs up!


  1. Vertical storage, hanging racks and wall to ceiling showcases can do the trick!


Using the limited space to create attractive storage spaces is a challenge. But you can do well if you make sure that most of the pieces you buy for storage like the wardrobes, shelves and the partition with racks are stacked from bottom to top. This will create an illusion of fullness in the room because then the gaze is attracted upwards towards the ceiling.


  1. Have a conversation piece and not many small pieces:


Try to have accented decoration pieces; only one or two instead of tens of smaller paraphernalia. Lesser but big accents in the room can give more space to walk about and not create a cluttered look.


  1. The same rule will apply to the furniture too!


Use one big comfortable couch than a lot of chairs and bean bags. One table that couples as a study and a diner instead of two can free up some much-needed space.


  1. Vertical lines!


This hack is my favorite. Determine what the longest side of the room is and then play with long vertical stripes across the length to create an illusion of a big long space. You can play with colors and thick and thin stripes. Use it on the rug, on the upholstery or even the bed!


  1. No blinds and thick curtains:


If you cannot leave the windows uncovered then you may use a net or a thin material to make blinds on them. a see-through window with a view of the outside gives the illusion of extended space and makes the room look bigger.


  1. Use mirrors generously:


Using mirrors in the rooms can add to the big room effect simply because they reflect the opposite walls. This one is a tried and tested one. However, you must know how to accent your mirror pieces. A lot of careful thought needs to be given to mirror décor because there is every chance that one can go overboard with it.


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There are tons of ideas to make a small room look effectively big. Log on to our website and check out if anything will work out for you!