How can we help

We can help you improve your space:


Have you been to a place recently and thought to yourself, "Wish I could own a place like that"!


Now, owning a great place is a realizable dream. Hold your breath, even within the smallest of budgets!


We do customization:


No work is too small or big enough for us. We undertake customization for every kind of place; small, big, long, narrow, nook and cranny!

We do not charge you per meter but we give you a wholesome estimate:


It is a natural pet peeve of many home decorators that they get charged for the total space of the accommodation but not every bit of the space need to be decorated. But we have revolutionized this concept by giving you one estimate along with an expandable budget for you to decide if you would like to have any further accented pieces or not. So, the choice lies in your hands.


Installation of artwork is on us:


When clients trust us by purchasing artwork or any other installation from us, we reciprocate that gesture by giving a free set-up schedule. The installation and the fitting are completely on us. Our service personnel will call you before turning up and fix the most convenient time for the fitting. Also, you do not need to be around for supervision as we have the most talented and trustworthy people on our team who will take the best call to beautify your place to your utmost satisfaction.


We are here if there is anything at all:


Something didn't go the way you wanted. The installation looks sloppy or just does not feel home! Don't worry. We have a program in place that allows you a free trial of up to one month of the new installation and decoration pieces. You can opt to return back the purchase and choose to buy anything else from the store or ask for a refund as of right. We shall be obliged to make your place like before in case you walk back to us within a period of thirty days! This is one thing that we think our customers deserve and must get!


Contact us on the numbers below or drop us a line by email for a free consultation with our experts. We'd be delighted to hear from you!